The ‘Monster free’ bed is a concept by Inventor and Creative Director Pep Torres that has been finally designed and produced by Bustper.


Pablo Bustos, Head of Products at Bustper, fall in love instantly with the idea, and decided to go ahead with the production of this poetic bed.


Under the ‘Rien’ brand, Pep Torres and Bustper launch this first piece of furniture that will help children have sweet dreams.

Pablo Bustos is the product manager of Bustper. Designer by profession, with a background of twenty years in the furniture sector.

With his team, they develop all kind of furniture for brands, and design and develop furniture for interior design projects.

The passion for wood and artisan know-how, together with technological innovation are the hallmarks of this furniture brand from La Sénia.

Pep Torres was nominated in 2009 by TIME Magazine as one of the 50 best inventors in the world, occupying pages in prestigious media such as The Wall Street Journal.

In 2011 he founded the miba, Museum of Ideas and Inventions of Barcelona, ​​a private initiative that, after having received more than 300,000 visitors, in 2016 released its physical headquarters in front of the Barcelona City Council to become a traveling experience around the world.

Dear little customer, in between you and us:
monsters don’t exist.


Our factory works for you, so you can trust that all the furniture we manufacture has no monsters.


In the case you imagine a shadow running through the room or hear a strange noise at night, don’t be afraid…

Nothing is there. Monsters only exist in your mind.


So if you see that your parents can’t sleep at night because they have problems, just tell them the truth:

bad things only live in your mind.


Good night and sweet dreams